Apostle Todd M Saddler -Biography

Apostle Todd M. Saddler was born in Sea Isle City, New Jersey on September 1, 1967.  He was educated by the Middle Township Public School System and attended Rowan University. He served in the United States Army for eight years.  He is a devoted son, brother, and advocate to many.

He has been a member of Bethel Commandment Church of the Living God of New Jersey, Inc. since his youth.  Apostle Saddler received the gift of the Holy Ghost in January 1982 and was baptized in August of the same year.  Under the leadership of the late Chief Apostle Robert E. Farrow, Sr., he was ordained a Deacon at the age of 22; he was later elevated to the position of Minister and Evangelist.  In recent years under the guidance of Chief Apostle Charles A. Farrow, Sr. he was ordained an Elder.   He answered the calling that God had on his life and followed the path God revealed to him. He remembered under God’s anointing how the Lord showed him his path, it was straight, narrow, and long but God told him “Do not turn to the right or left nor look behind but continue on the path.” Throughout the years he continued the path as an advocate for people around the world of every race, color, and creed.

In 1996, he started his ministry at Mother Terry Keleher’s house as a Minister.  He taught God’s word to the people and became a living example by practicing what he preached.  For the last 28 years, he continued to hold various revival outreach programs and he established the Bethel Commandment Apostolic Mission of the Living God, located in North New Jersey.  During this time, he was named the Head of the Evangelical Outreach Department supporting existing ministries and pressing to unify commandment keeping churches. In 2018, he started the ‘Commandment Keepers Periodical International’ newsletter which paved the way for his ministries overseas. In 2019, the Leaders Alliance Workshop (L.A.W.) was created to build alliances with the Mother Church and leaders within his community, providing a workshop style environment that allows for a training, teaching and open dialogue. In 2020, he wrote a book entitled, “Miracles Upon Us” where he documented the miracles in his life.  The book leads readers through a series of examples of how God showed up and proved to him (Apostle Saddler) that he is the one true and living God.

In recent years, he began ministering internationally by assisting with the building of ten churches: the mother church (New   Glory Citipointe Church of the Living God of Africa) and four other churches in the continent of Africa: 2 in Kenya (Bosage and Nairobi), Uganda and Tanzania. The mother church (Kitritri Church) and two other churches in Pakistan with plans to build in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He created and established a Global Sabbath School as well as teaching the Lord Supper services to individuals in the United States, Africa, South India, and Pakistan. His ministry focuses on caring for the fatherless (orphans), the widows and the family unit.

In addition to serving in various capacities in Bethel Commandment Church of the Living God of New Jersey, Inc., he champions the need to care and build an alliance of commandment keeping churches.  He worked to solidify several boards: Chief Apostle International Board, Board of Bishops and Board of Mothers in Africa. He has been an active donor to many initiatives domestically and internationally; for example, giving financial aid to Africa’s micro-banking fund that assist in the building of churches; funding the ‘Merry Go Round’ funds that assist widows; providing bibles, chairs and covering orphans’ school fees for children in Pakistan. He continues to donate to countless programs be it time, monetarily or knowledge with an open mind and heart when a need presents itself.  He is willing to do whatever is required to get the job done.

Apostle Saddler believes that it is all about serving the people of God while observing God’s wondrous works.